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The Artist

art profile

Hello, my name is Andrew Gable. I am an artist. A Canadian artist. I was born in Prince George BC in 1981. I started practicing art when I was around 6 or 7. I started signing my work before the age of 10. It was mostly pictures of super heroes, wildlife, and sword fighting ninjas.

My first serious works of art were wildlife when I was around 15. Fastforward to now and I am carving bears, eagles, and wolves out of solid blocks of marble, serpentine, alabaster and various other kinds of stone. Who would’ve thought. Definitely not me, though I did dream of it.

I loved Michelangelo and Leonardo…or rather, still love them as artists. In grade 7 I secretly put a Leonardo da Vinci book in my backpack on my last day of school and took it home with me. They had 2 anyways….Read More