Tree of Life


Type: Original Drawing
Artist: Andrew Gable
Medium: Pencil Crayon and Acrylic on onWater Color Paper
Size: 9×12 inch
Signed: Yes


This Original Drawing is part of my Self Awareness Collection. My Self Awareness collection is a group of original drawings, paintings and sculptures that support and inspire Self Awareness, Self Realization and Self Empowerment. These works are based on my own experiences and insights into the complexity of human nature.

“Tree of Life” is about Self Stability. The figure in this image has his hand in the center of his chest which represents his life force, his center, his stability. The Tree symbolizes strength, stability, groundedness, and rootedness. The Tree also symbolizes Breath, as the tree literally produces the oxygen us humans need to stay alive. Breath is also a fundamental part of remaining stable and grounded where the breath becomes a kind of pace maker and reference point for oneself to utilize to stabilize oneself when facing challenges.