Self Reflection


Type: Original Drawing
Artist: Andrew Gable
Medium: Pencil Crayon and Ink on Paper
Size: 16×20 inch
Signed: Yes



About This Drawing 

How much do we actually judge ourselves. When we look in the mirror are we really seeing ourselves or are we just seeing our flaws, or versions of ourselves based on judgement, bias and opinion. When we pass someone on the street and we judge then, or praise them, is it them we are really commenting on, or is this simply just another mirror where again we are seeing ourselves. I created this drawing specifically for a project that was focused on developing self awareness and understanding of ourselves. I have depicted a women standing in front of a mirror with various versions of herself looking back. I would say that a large part of ourselves as human beings is actually quite critical and that we are more inclined to judge ourselves than to actually really be okay and satisfied with ourselves. I placed the universe in the background of the image to show the actual depth of ourselves as human beings. A depth that we so quickly ignore and forget to develop and nurture because of our occupation with simply the surface value of things. There is much more to us than an image though as I have found, it takes a daily reminder of this to actually stop living out what we have been taught which is to value only the surface and not even see the universe within.


Self Awareness Series

This Original Drawing is part of my Self Awareness Collection, a group of original drawings, paintings and sculptures that support and inspire Self Awareness, Self Realization and Self Empowerment. These works are based on my own experiences and insights into the complexity of human nature and are ultimately aimed at connecting the individual back with themselves to foster a deeper relationship with themselves, others, and this world as a whole.

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