Type: Original Drawing
Artist: Andrew Gable
Medium: Pencil Crayon, Ink, and acrylic on Paper
Size: 16×20 inch
Signed: Yes

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About This Drawing

When we are walking around we often look calm on the outside. Even if the inside is not calm. We have perfected the art of presenting ourselves this way and that way so that no one actually ever sees what is going on in our inner landscape, and this even makes it challenging for ourselves to even sometimes understand our own experience.  I drew a tornado inside this figure to represent the inner emotional experience moving within him. This tornado is connected to 2 conglomerate masses of shapes, forms, and faces, that flank both sides of this individual. These masses of form represent a different dimension of our inner experience that is connected to and used to fuel this inner tornado of emotional experience. These other dimensions are our thoughts, imaginations, memories, inner talk, as well as other emotion and feeling experiences that all link together and culminate into our overall experience which we have so diligently kept deep inside ourselves. Yet, the funny thing is, is that this inner experience has an affect on ourselves and our lives. Thus, we must start to acknowledge and and look at and understand this inner experience. This image is a reminder of that and a point of reflection to support in getting to know the deeper dimensions within ourselves that sometimes isn’t so visibly seen.


Self Awareness Series

This Original Drawing is part of my Self Awareness Collection, a group of original drawings, paintings and sculptures that support and inspire Self Awareness, Self Realization and Self Empowerment. These works are based on my own experiences and insights into the complexity of human nature and are ultimately aimed at connecting the individual back with themselves to foster a deeper relationship with themselves, others, and this world as a whole.