Chaos Halo


Type: Original Drawing
Artist: Andrew Gable
Medium: Pencil Crayon, Ink, and acrylic on Paper
Size: 16×20 inch
Signed: Yes


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About This Drawing

One thing that I have observed about myself and my experience is that even when things get overwhelming or hectic, or there is a lot going on inside of you, that there is a part of you that is aware of what is happening. Sometimes I find myself within points where there is one direction I could go, or there is a different direction, and sometimes the direction I want to go is not the direction I know I should go, and so a process begins where I either support myself to stabilize myself in common sense, and do what I know would be best for me, or I end up indulging in a different direction, which I know isn’t the best way. In this drawing there is red and orange abstract halo swirling around this being’s head where through this chaos you can see this figures face which represents that point of awareness, that point of calm, that point of stability that still exists. This fiery halo has not completely consumed this being and so there is still an opportunity to support oneself to focus on that stability that still exist and to bring that to fore and walk and live in a way that one knows is best.


Self Awareness Series

This Original Drawing is part of my Self Awareness Collection, a group of original drawings, paintings and sculptures that support and inspire Self Awareness, Self Realization and Self Empowerment. These works are based on my own experiences and insights into the complexity of human nature and are ultimately aimed at connecting the individual back with themselves to foster a deeper relationship with themselves, others, and this world as a whole.