Life Force


Type: Original Drawing
Artist: Andrew Gable
Medium:  Pencil Crayon, and Pencil  on Paper
Size: 8.5 x 12 inch
Signed: Yes


About This Drawing

With this drawing I decided to depict an “inner life essence” inside the figure. I emphasized this dimension of the human through rendering the figure in black and white with pencil while utilizing colored pencil to depict the more expressive, abstract, organic form inside the figure representing that invisible, unique, life essence that exists inside all of us but that is not so much seen visibly when we look at a person.


Expressive Series

This drawing was created during a very expressive period of my art development. My focus during this period and so with this drawing was to create works which weren’t so much pre-planned as they were created and defined in the moment as I expressed. I maintained a figurative element with almost all of the pieces during this time which I found supported with being able to relate, personalize, identify and connect with the piece.