Who Am I


Type: Original Drawing
Artist: Andrew Gable
Medium: Pencil Crayon on Paper
Size: 11 x14 inch
Signed: Yes


About This Drawing

Who am I? have you ever asked yourself that question. Is not everyone here on this planet asking themselves that question day in and day out. There is so many different dimensions about ourselves as human beings and we have so many questions about these parts of ourselves and about the world. Often times, they do not get verbalized but more just swirl around inside our minds coming to the surface every now and then as we live our day to day lives. I am definitely a proponent of bringing these questions to the forefront of ourselves and actually spending some time writing down some answers for ourselves and practicing coming to clarity with the questions inside of us. This will assist us with getting to know ourselves and creating some clarity and stability inside ourselves about who we are. This can be done from the small to the big. All questions are important to answer. What do I want for dinner? Am I satisfied with my Job? Could I be a better person? What is life supposed to be about? Why is the world the way is? Do I really want to go out tonight? Who am I? This drawing represents the many questions and of course the potential answers inside of us.

Self Awareness Series

This Original Drawing is part of my Self Awareness Collection. This collection of drawings, paintings and sculptures is dedicated and designed to foster Self Awareness and insights into the complex processes and dimensions of human nature. The works of art in this series are taken from my own experiences and understandings which I translate into my art with the intention of providing a work of art that is something that can be enjoyed as a work of art while at the same time being a point of Self Reflection to further develop and discover ones own personal Self Awareness.