A Meeting of Two Strangers

Original Painting
60x 54 inch
Oil on Canvas
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Ready to Hang!

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This painting was based on 2 different drawings I had done while on a trip to New York. I never left my house without a sketchbook and I had been developing this method of life drawing where I would draw people walking by, only I would use numerous people passing by to construct one singular figure and so I would capture an arm of one person and the shoe of another and the face of yet another and so on and so on,  and I’d create these abstracted, yet very lively figures.

I utilized 2 of these drawings as starting points for each of these two figures in this painting. I wanted to capture a distinct and unique personality with each figure and so I literally sectioned the painting into 2 isolated sections where you have the man in blue on one side and women in pink on the other, each occupying their own personal space, coming together in a ‘meeting of two strangers’