Ace (Sold)

Title: “ACE”
Stone Type: Black Marble
Weight: 90lb
Size:(L) 15″ x (W)8″ (H)24″


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“Ace” is my first Eagle Sculpture. I got this particular stone about 6 months ago and had it off to the side thinking about what I would do with it. The idea for an eagle came about a couple months ago, however stone carving is a slow process and i was deep into a few other projects so ultimately the final decision of any carving happens in the moment and so I just put those ideas aside until the moment was here to carve it. I hadn’t settled on an Eagle until the day I started carving it and I am grateful I chose to depict this magnificent animal. The title “Ace” represents Precision, Accuracy, Exactitude, Balance, Perfection among other characteristics I see within the Eagle. I had to really slow myself down while carving this piece, especially when it came to carving the fine points of the beak and talons. This Sculpture is going to make an absolutely stunning addition to any collection. This is the only Stone Eagle that has been carved at the Fathom Stone Gallery since I arrived 3 years ago and is most definitely one of only a few Stone Eagle carvings in Canada. A Real Rarity, just as the Bald Eagle.