Black Tusk Mountain – (Sold)


Original Landscape Oil Painting
Oil on Canvas, 8x10inch
*Framed with clean stylish black frame
*Shipping available to anywhere in the world




Black Tusk is a stratovolcano and a pinnacle of volcanic rock in Garibaldi Provincial Park of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.



This is actually the 3rd painting painted onto this canvas. It’s not uncommon for me to wipe a painting out if I am not satisfied with it and use the canvas for a different scene.

I see this view every time I drive home and I have been wanting to paint this scene for some months now.

Black Tusk mountain which you can see in the background of this painting has quite a unique shape compared to what most mountains around here commonly look like. Coming home I get a nice view of the triangular shape of this volcanic rock. Along with this I really like the big spruce tree that stood in the foreground. So these 2 points together is what really interested me about this scene. I ended up painting this piece in 2 different sessions.


Its my first completed painting of the 2014 season with many more to come. This piece would look great adorning the walls of the home of anyone with a passion for nature and art.


These smaller pieces are great because they bring allot of beauty to the home but don’t take up allot of space. They are also easily movable so you can for instance have it in your office one month and then your bedroom the next –  They are fantastic accents to any room in the house.


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