Cheakamus River


Original Landscape Oil Painting
Oil on Canvas, 8x10inch
*Framed with clean stylish black frame
*Shipping available to anywhere in the world


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Cheakamus River

This painting took me 2 sessions to complete. The first day it started out sunny where by the end it was raining and completely clouded over. The second session was mostly sunny which helped because then the light stayed quite consistent for me to finish this piece.

There is a trail behind where I live that follows this river up to Cheakamus Lake and along that trail there is allot of cool spots to paint. I anticipate a whole series of paintings along the Cheakamus River but for now here is the first!

The river was quite raging this last week because of rain and snow melt though the past few days the water level dropped a bit allowing me to get down to the edge to set up and paint.

Its normally a bit tricky to get down to the edge carrying my easel and canvas because the bank is quite steep. Its even more tricky getting up again with a wet painting in one hand – Definitely worth It.


There is allot of color packed into this painting and it would really refresh any room in the home. These smaller pieces I do, work great as individual pieces or in sets, adding dynamic and to any collection. They are also easily movable so you can for instance have it in your office one month and then your bedroom the next –I focus on naturalism when I paint landscapes so that when you are putting these pieces in your home it is like bringing in that natural light of nature. There pieces are a great because they are not too overpowering but really add allot vibrancy to the household.

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