Chocolate – Sold

Title: “Chocolate”
Stone Type: Marble
Stone Color: Deep brown with some thin white veining
Weight: 20lb
Size: 9″(L) x 7″(H) x 5″ (W)


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‘Chocolate’ is the first completed piece of 2015 and is carved out of a single piece of brown marble. With this piece I left the base that the bear is standing on completely raw to add some contrast and to direct the attention to the bear as as the focus point. This I found worked particularly well due to the color of the polished marble being such a deep brown color which then contrasts with the lighter raw stone of the base.

I also left some texturing in the face and ears of the bear to add a little more character to the expression.

I modeled this piece after a grizzly bear. The initial shape of the marble block I worked with in this case was a triangular shape which was the reason I decided to design and sculpt this bear climbing up onto the rocks where I was able to make use of as much of the stone as possible.

This piece is also available for viewing at Fathom Stone Art Gallery in Whistler, BC, Canada.

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding my work