Dream Escape


Type: Original Drawing
Artist: Andrew Gable
Medium:  Pencil Crayon, Ink, acrylic, watercolor on Paper
Size: 8.5 x 12 inch
Signed: Yes


This drawing was created during a very expressive period of my art development. My focus during this period and so with this piece was to create works which weren’t so much pre-planned as they were created and defined in the moment as I expressed. I maintained a figurative element with almost all of the pieces during this period which has been an anchor in my work throughout my career. I find the symbol of a figure in the work provides a point of direction for the viewer to start to relate to the work. Its almost as if any kind of figurative element in the work indicates that “this is you that you are looking at”, and so facilitates that self reflective quality that I like to bring through in my work.


Additional information

Reproduction Size

8x10inch, 8x12inch, 11x14inch, 12x18inch, 16x22inch, 16x24inch, Original

Reproduction Type

Fine Art Print, Stretched Canvas, Original