Fearless (Sold)

Title: “Fearless”
Stone Type: Alabaster
Stone Color: Light and Dark brown with swirl and speckled patterning
Weight: 35lb
Size: 16″(L) x 9″(H) x 6″ (W)


For acquisition details please email andrewgable@hotmail.com


“Fearless” is an original sculpture hand carved out of a single block of alabaster.
The initial roughing out of the shape was done using primarily a hand held grinder with various diamond encrusted carving blades as well as other attachments designed specifically for stone carving. Another primary tool I use for allot of the initial carving is a pneumatic chisel and air dremel.
The more intricate details are done with the air and electric dremels utilizing very fine bits sometimes as small as a sewing needle.
After the initial carving process, there is up to 6 layers of sanding to achieve the desired polish. The final steps is to seal the stone with a stone sealer which also brings out the color of the stone. A final buff of the stone using wax is also done for a layer of protection as well as to enhance the final surface of the stone.
This piece is also available for viewing at Fathom Stone Art Gallery in Whistler, BC, Canada.

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding my work