I See You


Original Painting
Animal: Bald Eagle
18 x 36 inch
Acrylic on Canvas
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Ready to Hang!

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A few years back I met someone who had a unique perspective on Life. One quality this person had was their ability to see, know and understand people just by looking at them because they themselves had come to know themselves on such a deep level. It was interesting being around them because naturally, I began becoming more aware of myself. Their ability to introspect had an influence on me where i was inspired to develop this own ability within myself. It was sometimes intimidating when this person would look at you because it felt like they were looking past all the bullshit and surface stuff that we often get caught up on and seeing deep into your being. As I painted this piece and it started to take shape the DIRECT stare of this Eagle reminded me of those moments I had with this individual. I decided to title this piece “I See You” which I remember this individual once saying to someone as a prompt to stop excuses, blame, and all the bullshit we tell ourselves and to Stand Up and take responsibility for yourself and your life and start living to your fullest Potential. So for me that is what this piece represents. that process of letting go of all the excess stuff, the thoughts, the constant inner talk, the emotional hang ups, and just becoming Clear so we can actually SEE Directly without having to look through a veil of clouds that we create within ourselves. “I See You”