Inner Voices


Type: Original Drawing
Artist: Andrew Gable
Medium: Graphite on Paper
Size: 10.5 x15 inch
Signed: Yes



This Original Drawing is part of my Self Awareness Collection. This collection of drawings, paintings and sculptures is dedicated and designed to foster Self Awareness and insights into the complex processes and dimensions of human nature. The works of art in this series are taken from my own experiences and understandings which I translate into my art with the intention of providing a work of art that is something that can be enjoyed as a work of art while at the same time being a point of Self Reflection to further develop and discover ones own personal Self Awareness.


“Inner Voices” is a drawing I completed when I started becoming more aware of how much “inner chatter” actually goes on inside myself at any given time, and how this ‘inner chatter’ can sometimes become distracting and even dis-empowering with so much going on in the mind. It’s strange how we have all these inner voices and inner selves going on when really there is only just one self. I showed this piece to a politician once and he stared at it for a long time, finally admitting that “this is how he feels at work” with so many people coming to him with opinions and how he had to develop that trust and stability within himself despite having all of these opinions from others coming at him. So this drawing, while representing the inner voices can also represent the outer voices and opinions of everyone in your life. Art is multi-faceted and can mean different things to different people – What do you See?


About the Artist

Andrew Gable is a Contemporary Canadian Artist working in sculpture, painting, and drawing. Andrew graduated with a degree in Fine Art in 2004 from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a major in drawing. Since then the artist has gone on to develop various collections of work from his landscape plein air collection to his stone wildlife collection to his provocative  Self Awareness Collection of mixed media drawings and paintings focusing on the human condition. His work can be found worldwide in private collections across the globe. The Artist currently lives and works full time as a professional artist in Whistler BC, Canada.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 15.5 x 1 in