Inside The Mind


Type: Original Drawing
Artist: Andrew Gable
Medium: Charcoal, ink, and pencil crayon on Paper
Size: 11×14 inch
Signed: Yes




This Original Drawing is part of my Self Empowerment Collection. This collection of drawings, paintings and sculptures is dedicated and designed to foster Self Awareness and insights into the complex processes and dimensions of human nature. The works of art in this series are taken from my own experiences and understandings which I translate into my art with the intention of providing a work of art that is something that can be enjoyed as a work of art while at the same time being a point of Self Reflection to further develop and discover ones personal Self Awareness.


“Inside The Mind”

Sometimes it can be quite hectic in the mind. Sometimes it is difficult to see why we make the decisions that we do or it is challenging to make the right choice. Inside The Mind is a drawing I did representing some of these inner dimensions of the mind that is all going on at the same time. Sometimes we feel stressed and we don’t know why. One thing that I do is I will sit down and write about all the stuff that is going on in my life and this writing supports me to get grounded. The inside the mind drawing is a representation of my experience of when you feel like there is a lot going on within your and you just have to for a moment, take a breath and say STOP, and just take a step back and find your Stability. For this piece I used an ink background upon which I build up layers of images using charcoal. What do you see going on inside your Mind? Are you aware of how your experience of yourself is being created? Stop, breath and look inside and see the inner dimensions of yourself and your mind.