Liberty (Sold)

Title: “Liberty”
Stone Type: Italian Marble
Stone Color: White with dark grey veining
Weight: 50lb
Size: 20″(L) x 16″(H) x 5″ (W)


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“Liberty” is the 4th wolf sculpture that I have created in the past 2 years. I took a little more time with this piece and really focused on bringing some details out. This is one of the few pieces that I have done where I have added some hair accents to some areas of the sculpture. I chose to do this wolf “free-standing’ meaning where its not standing attached to a base but is ‘free-standing’ with no base. I have been exploring this style of doing “free-standing” animals and find this brings through a kind of ‘realism’ in the piece where it is breaking free from the sculptural base and entering into the realm where that realism illusions is emphasized.