Prelude to Spring

Original Painting (Triptych)
107x 52 inch
Oil on Canvas
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‘Prelude to Spring’ is a triptych of 3 large stretch canvases arranged in a staircase like fashion. During the period where I created this work, I preferred the affect of larger scale pieces and so would often create diptychs and in this case my only triptych to date. One of the primary qualities that I was exploring with this painting was musicality, that is to say, using the formal qualities of painting as my instrument to create my composition of notes, and sequences, and melodies. I grew up in a household with my father being a singer and songwriter, and so music was always a part of who I was, and so naturally with painting, I often would scrutinize my work as if I were hearing an arrangement of music where I wanted the different sequences and notations and colors and rhythms to all work together into a unique and expressive composition much like the great classical music composers achieved in their works which I greatly admired and on many evenings was my music of choice in the studio as I painted.