Radiance (Sold)

Title: “Radiance”
Stone Type: Austrailian Golden Onyx
Weight: 74lb
Size:(L) 25″ x (W)7″ (H)8″


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This piece was carved in March 2016. This is the largest polar bear sculpture I have done to date weighing in at 74 pounds.

When I started carving this piece the stone was quite long and so I wanted to use as much of that length as possible seeing as how the Polar Bear has the long nose and long neck and long body, so definitely wanted to emphasize that quality of the polar bear with this piece.

I called it Radiance because of the coloration and striations of the stone. I wanted to reference the warm orange and golden color and so called it Radiance as reference to the sun. One of the more interesting attributes about this Sculpture is one side of the piece features the warmer softer golden yellow colors while the other side has the more intense deeper oranges giving each side of the sculpture its own unique feel.