Original Landscape Oil Painting
Oil on Canvas, 16x20inch
*Framed with clean stylish black frame
*Shipping available to anywhere in the world


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This painting was done in 4 different sessions of painting. It is the 3rd and also the largest painting so far in a series of pieces that I am doing of the Cheakamus river in Whistler Canada.

For this piece I sat out on some boulders that jutted out into the river. It was quite an interesting spot to paint because I was really surrounded by the raging waters which was quite intense.  Every once and while the water would splash up from the rapids and startle me and splash onto my canvas.

Quite a beautiful river to paint on. On a few occasions, groups of white water kayakers would float by. So the river definitely inspiring different activities and adventures.

Overall and peaceful, invigorating experience

So if you are looking to refresh a room in the home the rejuvenating  mountain waters of this piece would be perfect!

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