Scout (Sold)

Title: “Scout”
Stone Type: Black Chlorite
Stone Color: Pure Black
Weight: 19lb
Size: 12″(L) x 8″(H) x 6″ (W)


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“Scout” is a original sculpture of a black bear climbing on some logs. There is a few things that make this piece a unique addition to my body of sculptures so far. Firstly it is my first depiction of a black bear. Chlorite has such a beautiful pure black finish to it that of course is a perfect stone for a black bear carving. So here is the first of hopefully many more black bears to come. Another unique attribute about this piece is that it has a more detailed and intricate base compared to most other pieces I have done to date. With ‘Scout’ I also included more of the bears environment by having him climbing over some logs. By using different degrees of sanding and polishing I was able produce different finishes out of the same piece of stone. This allowed me to create some contrast in this piece by giving the logs a distinctly different feel and look of a more raw, rugged, finish compared to the highly polished finish of the bear.