Type: Original Drawing
Artist: Andrew Gable
Medium: Ink and Pencil Crayon on Paper
Size: 10.5 x15 inch
Signed: Yes


About This Drawing

This drawing is about a specific realization I had about myself and my life. In a statement, the realization is “you create what you are”. Here a figure is shown with a small seed opening up in the center of their solar plexus. This seed is also a planet which implies the potential vastness that is created from who we are as individuals on a core level. You could even look at something like ‘intentions’ where we have a specific intention to do something but then something else manifests or things don’t go to plan. My realization here is that “we create exactly who we are” and that often time our Self Awareness of who we really are is not in fact aligned with who we really are and what we really think and what position we are in fact standing in. For me I practice really pushing myself to look into myself, into that core of myself and the decisions I make so to make sure that they really are aligned with the best intentions. Sometimes I will say to myself that I want to change, or that I want to be this way or that way. But saying it does nothing. I have realized for myself that I have to really embody the decisions I am making to my core. Because ultimately who I really am is what will manifest no matter what I say about who I am.

For this world we live in to really change, I believe that we as individuals must really dig down deep and align ourselves with that deep dimension of ourselves where all of our decisions are actually being made from. This drawing represents a being with the beginnings of a seed opening up inside them that will eventually become a vast universe. And so this drawing is a reminder to make sure that before we create our vast universes that is our lives and together manifesting this world as a whole, that we make sure our starting points are established with Integrity, Honesty, and containing those aspects and qualities that will manifest the Best Possible Future and Outcome For All.


Self Awareness Series

This Original Drawing is part of my Self Awareness Collection. This collection of drawings, paintings and sculptures is dedicated and designed to foster Self Awareness and insights into the complex processes and dimensions of human nature. The works of art in this series are taken from my own experiences and understandings which I translate into my art with the intention of providing a work of art that is something that can be enjoyed as a work of art while at the same time being a point of Self Reflection to further develop and discover ones own personal Self Awareness.