Standing Man (Sold)

Title: “Standing Man”
Stone Type: Marble
Stone Color: Burnt Umber with Bright Greenish Markings
Size: 12(h)x 4.5(l) x 2.5(w) inches


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This piece was carved intermittently over a 3 week period. In fact, I almost didn’t complete it. Doubt, and second guessing is a human experience that you can probably relate to and as an artist I am faced with this quite a lot at times during the creative process. This was only the second figurative piece I have done over the past 3 years where my primary focus during this time was wildlife, even though I have been really wanting to move into the figurative work. As a result, this piece is ‘something new’ and ‘something different’ and so I see this as being why I had to walk through some doubt, and uncertainty while bringing it through to completion. People resist change, and so I had resistance towards creating something new and different that fell outside my ‘normal routine’. What I like about the combination of the figure and stone is that the stone kind of resembles or symbolizes an ‘inner dimension’ of the figure which is always something that has interested me in my work, where the ‘inner experience’ of the human has always been something I have endeavored to make visible within my art.