The Game of Life (Sold)

Title: “The Game of Life”
Stone Type: BC Brucite
Stone Color: Deep emerald green with lighter green patches and splashes of white
Weight: 225lb
Size: 28″(L) x 17″(L) x 17″ (H)


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“The Game of Life” was hand carved from a single piece of BC Brucite Stone. Brucite never fails to amaze me with its diverse range in color and patterning. “The Game of Life” sculpture has a Sophisticated, deep emerald green base color flowing into accents of a lighter, almost glowing green. Splashes of white throughout add an intensity and energy to the piece, enhancing the overall concept by mimicking the splashing of water from the river as the bear climbs down the rocks to secure his catch.

One of the signature features of this piece is the contrast between the highly finished surface of the bear and fish in relation to the rocks and water which I left unpolished where you can see the raw gray color of the stone as its looks before the sanding process begins.

Though I have worked in collaboration with other artists on large projects, This is the single largest sculpture I personally have completed to date
This piece is also available for viewing at Fathom Stone Art Gallery in Whistler, BC, Canada.

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