Worldwide Shipping

Shipping Paintings and Prints

Shipping is included in the listed price for orders within Canada and USA

Additional Charges may apply for shipping outside of Canada and USA

Shipping Sculptures

The cost of shipping for each sculpture is determined at the time of purchase, and will be assessed on an individual basis. This is due to the different tax regulations in different countries depending on where the piece is being shipped to.

The cost of shipping each piece varies depending on size and weight. For Canada and the US this can range anywhere from 150 to 250 for the smaller and mid range pieces up to 500+ for the larger pieces.


Damaged Work During Shipping

If for some reason the artwork gets lost or damaged during the shipping process, I am more than happy to work with you to get you some new art. I am here to work with my clients and to build long term relationships and so I do my best to find solutions and just be reasonable within the sales process to ensure that solutions are found and everybody benefits. Each situation is different so some conditions may apply.


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